Thursday, 16 April 2015

Make Yourself Familiar with SME and SAP Business Benefits

If you are looking for an efficient and at the same time cost effective solution for improving your business then Axxis consultancy can be a perfect way out. They are providing solutions on SAP and Oracle platforms for businesses ranging from small to large. They offer a wide range of solutions that aid in providing solutions, managing and smooth running and in expanding your company.
Axxis Consultancy has been in field since 20 years and their clients range from fortune 500 companies to the small businesses. With the experience they gained all along the way and with the number of successful clients they have, it is clear that they can provide better solutions and transform your business into a successful one.

Axiss consultancy products include SAP Business one, SAP Business All In One, SAP Business Suit and other solutions to offer its clients to change their business from what it is to what you want it to be like. They offer a solution within your budget. Their team of professionals will always provide their services on time along with their support. They have many satisfying customers round the globe.

SAP Business One:

  • SAP Business One is developed for the small and medium companies. It helps in giving an overlook of the entire business and how the different factors are related and dependent on each other using which, one can get a brief idea on how to handle and manage the company.
  • It is a user friendly system that is within the budget and where one can manage many aspect of their company like sales, accounts etc. One can have access up to the current minute of the business which can help in planning the next step to take. The updates provided by them are real time and help you in taking a proper step according to the varying market statistics.

  • In highly competitive market, it helps the company to stay on track and make profits on the go. It can help you in covering all the factors irrespective to the number of staff you have. Its implementation can take from few days to weeks depending on your required functionalities. The Axxis team, with the knowledge of the best strategies and years of experience will work their best in designing a solution that can fit your business needs. As many SMEs are newly formed, they can benefit more by opting a consultancy like Axxis.
  • They also offer excellent and efficient support in the form of training, service customization, and consulting and help desk. They offer reliable services available to you on site of work or remotely from their office. They are concerned not just about handling or working on current situations and their solutions but are more into recognizing and avoiding the problematic issues even before they occur.

SAP Business All In One:

  • Proper understanding and designing is very important to handle the business and to lead it in a successful path. The improper IT infrastructure of companies limits the progress of business instead of promoting it.
  • SAP Business All in One provides a system where one can manage all the important processes like logistics, accounts, manufacturing, sales, management, customer services, etc. They help by providing tools that can aid in analyzing their current status and in taking a better decision.
  • They provide a solution that can improve the services offered by your business and profit your company quicker. They also try to enhance the productivity within the company if required.
  • The solutions provided by them are based on the latest technologies and are designed to fit your requirements by well experienced and industry smart team. They also help in controlling the cash flow by alerting us, tracking purchases and in handling sales.

  • They design and implement the best suitable strategy for the company to follow which helps it in becoming successful. One can’t be successful in the market by using the same principles, same infrastructure and strategies. They should be changing them depending on the competition, customer feedbacks, technical advancements etc which will be taken care by the efficient Axxis team.
  • The solution provided is tested to make sure that it can perform all the functionalities by considering all the expected requirements before putting it to use.
  • Their team guides and supports you in understanding the business and its environment. They help you in outsourcing and handling your SAP systems which can be of great use for SMEs.
  • Their provided a multi language support that is convenient to the one using their services. Their services also include root cause analysis, optimization of application and problem solving.

·         They help in providing upgrading the softwares or extending the systems depending on the situation.
SAP Business Suit:

  • SAP Business Suit helps in updating, software evaluating, business improvement strategies outsourcing, and using cloud services.
  • They alert on upgrading the systems whenever necessary.  To keep up with the competition in the market one should take the help of the technology. Technology does play a vital role in making profits in your business. It can help in facing the issues and improving the productivity.
  • Every decision in the business is to make profit in the end. The approach differs depending on the issues or decisions to make like upgrading a system, choosing a best strategy, change management, SAP upgradation etc. They always support and guide you to choose the best.
  • They can help in achieving more with the current resources efficiently which is cost effective and fast in yielding results. They design an apt solution for you to compete in market and be in a position face the challenges.

The other services they offer include JD Ewards, Taleo cloud solutions and People soft HR. Taleo cloud solutions helps you in employing the best skilled which improves the value of your staff. JD Ewards EnterpriseOne is an applications suit that can run on an iPad or a mobile and gives a clear picture on your business aspects. People soft HR helps you in enhancing the business productivity and also aids in delivery of an efficient work force.

Choosing Axxis consultancy as a solution provider can be a wise decision especially for SMEs since they are experienced and have many a satisfying clients all around the world.

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