Thursday, 16 April 2015

FAA is Undergoing Dilemma Regarding Drone Flying

Drone is not an unfamiliar term, it has deep relation with warfare but today drones are used for commercial reasons and those who are nurturing futuristic ideas about photography and interested in Aerial Photography are bent on using drones in SANTA ROSA other than any other flying machine. Now drones are not casual remote operated toys and there are laws and regulations one has to abide by while operating a drone, you need to know whether it is legal to fly drones anywhere, over your ROHNERT PARK neighbor’s garden, any landscape or above the mall or complex.

Now while living in SONOMA COUNTY, CA you can either explore your options and chances with a lawyer or go on with your venture without giving least attention to anything. But before considering anything, make sure you have collected proper information about what to do with your drone and afterwards gradually procure adequate information about the drone laws, so that you do not have to end in jail while flying your drone in full swing. Better you conduct a survey in MARIN COUNTY, CA; enquire what your county administration has to say about flying a drone, even what your neighbor has to say when they find you flying it over their house. Therefore, you have to know few facts and factors before you actually fly this marvel of science. A drone pilot has to have proficiency in handling these devices, as it calls for rigorous practice, unlike maneuvering a remote control car; it demands patience and perseverance.  So one has to keep in mind while flying in PETALUMA, which being law abiding citizen drones cannot be used openly without observing the laws relevant to it.

To maintain your own safety, you need to keep in mind the authoritative norms which are meant for drone pilots or operators. Now drawing attention straight to drone-ban, today Federal Aviation Administration or FAA is facing difficulty in enforcing direct prevention on drone. Few assume that the agency was not at all prepared to execute their law enforcement regulations and maybe for that reason they are operating their laws often unconstitutionally, as a result non compliance is unchecked and with every passing day its percentage is increasing.  Surprisingly there is no remarkable provision to get caught and no prerequisite for punishment either. Now if someone unfurl the pages of law book will come across cases, where constitutional boundaries regarding drones were overstepped and privacy of citizen was interrupted due to utter frustration that administration underwent due to their own confusion. Now in order to avoid such scenario in NOVATO, one must have adequate knowledge about the regulations and for that training and vigilance is required. So it is the responsibility of the FAA officials to make aviation inspector and drone pilots abundantly informed about the recent Drone Amendments which are effectively alive and should be pursued without any compromise.

FAA is not illegitimately deterring drone flyer, they have set some norms, abiding by which one can profitably use drone for Aerial Videography.  FAA is showing critical behavior in two main aspects one is complying with the requirements of for Visual Line of Sight (VLOS) and other is the ban on night operations. Today drones are undergoing versatile professional application but before moving further, it is better to know the drone law "No person may operate an aircraft in a careless or reckless manner so as to endanger the life or property of another." “There is no federal statute, and no other federal regulation (other than 91.13, that is) that is codified in our bodies of law, that specifically applies to drones and that is currently applicable to the general public”.

Now there are few clear regulations, which The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has laid down, these regulations, are:
“Drones have to be within line of sight at all times
Drones can’t fly over people
They can’t fly faster than 100 mph, or higher than 500 feet—which is still pretty fast and high”

However, there is no hard and fast rule for drone application, so today drone enthusiasts and drone operators are getting extremely frustrated with FAA. The new rules are dealing roughly with the commercial drone operators especially those aerial photographers as commercial operators are now required to obtain license while operating across the area like SAN RAFAEL, MARIN COUNTY, CA. So more than non-commercial operators, commercial drone flyers are feeling deprived a lot, this is because the safety regulations as laid down by FAA has little to do with those drone operators who are flying drones more for fun than commercial end.

For commercial drone operators, they are required to have license but for fun flyers these license is not at all required and FAA has not differentiated anything clearly. However FAA is dwelling in dilemma and has promised to make laws little liberal and they have shown little regret for that as well. Commercial drone flyers however need to possess license but the drones do not require any certificate to fly high in the sky. 

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