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Make Yourself Familiar with SME and SAP Business Benefits

If you are looking for an efficient and at the same time cost effective solution for improving your business then Axxis consultancy can be a perfect way out. They are providing solutions on SAP and Oracle platforms for businesses ranging from small to large. They offer a wide range of solutions that aid in providing solutions, managing and smooth running and in expanding your company.
Axxis Consultancy has been in field since 20 years and their clients range from fortune 500 companies to the small businesses. With the experience they gained all along the way and with the number of successful clients they have, it is clear that they can provide better solutions and transform your business into a successful one.

Axiss consultancy products include SAP Business one, SAP Business All In One, SAP Business Suit and other solutions to offer its clients to change their business from what it is to what you want it to be like. They offer a solution within your budget. Their team of professionals will always provide their services on time along with their support. They have many satisfying customers round the globe.

SAP Business One:

  • SAP Business One is developed for the small and medium companies. It helps in giving an overlook of the entire business and how the different factors are related and dependent on each other using which, one can get a brief idea on how to handle and manage the company.
  • It is a user friendly system that is within the budget and where one can manage many aspect of their company like sales, accounts etc. One can have access up to the current minute of the business which can help in planning the next step to take. The updates provided by them are real time and help you in taking a proper step according to the varying market statistics.

  • In highly competitive market, it helps the company to stay on track and make profits on the go. It can help you in covering all the factors irrespective to the number of staff you have. Its implementation can take from few days to weeks depending on your required functionalities. The Axxis team, with the knowledge of the best strategies and years of experience will work their best in designing a solution that can fit your business needs. As many SMEs are newly formed, they can benefit more by opting a consultancy like Axxis.
  • They also offer excellent and efficient support in the form of training, service customization, and consulting and help desk. They offer reliable services available to you on site of work or remotely from their office. They are concerned not just about handling or working on current situations and their solutions but are more into recognizing and avoiding the problematic issues even before they occur.

SAP Business All In One:

  • Proper understanding and designing is very important to handle the business and to lead it in a successful path. The improper IT infrastructure of companies limits the progress of business instead of promoting it.
  • SAP Business All in One provides a system where one can manage all the important processes like logistics, accounts, manufacturing, sales, management, customer services, etc. They help by providing tools that can aid in analyzing their current status and in taking a better decision.
  • They provide a solution that can improve the services offered by your business and profit your company quicker. They also try to enhance the productivity within the company if required.
  • The solutions provided by them are based on the latest technologies and are designed to fit your requirements by well experienced and industry smart team. They also help in controlling the cash flow by alerting us, tracking purchases and in handling sales.

  • They design and implement the best suitable strategy for the company to follow which helps it in becoming successful. One can’t be successful in the market by using the same principles, same infrastructure and strategies. They should be changing them depending on the competition, customer feedbacks, technical advancements etc which will be taken care by the efficient Axxis team.
  • The solution provided is tested to make sure that it can perform all the functionalities by considering all the expected requirements before putting it to use.
  • Their team guides and supports you in understanding the business and its environment. They help you in outsourcing and handling your SAP systems which can be of great use for SMEs.
  • Their provided a multi language support that is convenient to the one using their services. Their services also include root cause analysis, optimization of application and problem solving.

·         They help in providing upgrading the softwares or extending the systems depending on the situation.
SAP Business Suit:

  • SAP Business Suit helps in updating, software evaluating, business improvement strategies outsourcing, and using cloud services.
  • They alert on upgrading the systems whenever necessary.  To keep up with the competition in the market one should take the help of the technology. Technology does play a vital role in making profits in your business. It can help in facing the issues and improving the productivity.
  • Every decision in the business is to make profit in the end. The approach differs depending on the issues or decisions to make like upgrading a system, choosing a best strategy, change management, SAP upgradation etc. They always support and guide you to choose the best.
  • They can help in achieving more with the current resources efficiently which is cost effective and fast in yielding results. They design an apt solution for you to compete in market and be in a position face the challenges.

The other services they offer include JD Ewards, Taleo cloud solutions and People soft HR. Taleo cloud solutions helps you in employing the best skilled which improves the value of your staff. JD Ewards EnterpriseOne is an applications suit that can run on an iPad or a mobile and gives a clear picture on your business aspects. People soft HR helps you in enhancing the business productivity and also aids in delivery of an efficient work force.

Choosing Axxis consultancy as a solution provider can be a wise decision especially for SMEs since they are experienced and have many a satisfying clients all around the world.

Methadone for Pregnant Addicts – Is it Safe?

Many women who are addicted to opiates and heroin ask only one question when pregnant – Is it safe for my child? For more than 25 years pregnant women have been treated for their addiction by the medium of methadone. However only if the health practitioner feels that the benefits of methadone will outweigh the risks associated with it, then only will he consider this option. Prior to discussing the benefits and risks of methadone, let’s discuss what it is all about.

What is Methadone?
Since 1970s medical professionals are considering to treat opiate addiction with methadone during pregnancy. In 1998, National Institutes of Health agreed to treat pregnant women on opiate with methadone as standard care. Methadone is a medication for opiate addicts. People who are addicted to heroin or any other opiates/ narcotic drugs are often given methadone treatment without causing any high risks or addiction. It is also used as a pain reliever. Available in certain pharmacies, methadone helps in detoxifying and managing drug addiction.

Treating Pregnant Addicts with Methadone

As per National Institutes of Health, pregnant women consuming methadone will have comparatively less risks than those on heroin and other opiates. Use of heroin during pregnancy can cause the following effects:
  • Preterm labour
  • Babies are born with low birth weight
  • Babies develop slower than the normal ones

However, methadone maintenance helps in increasing the birth weight and gestational period of giving birth. It also helps in preventing the exposure of infectious diseases on the foetus.

Methadone Effects on Pregnant Women
Though medical professionals consider treating pregnant addicts with methadone, however in some cases, women can experience certain risks. Methadone enters the placenta of thw woman and can result into dependence on foetus. Since during pregnancy, metabolism rate increases, women usually need higher dose during third trimester. Thus it is essential to maintain the use of narcotics so that proper dose can be prescribed. Too much and too less use of methadone can cause risks to pregnant woman as well as the baby.

Here are a few risks that your baby can go through if not monitored properly:

  • Unborn babies can have a risk of being born blind. In a study of 20 subjects, 95 percent of the babies had vision problems because of the mother’s use of methadone.
  • Babies can be born with heads smaller than the normal size.
  • They can face issues related to low birth weight
  • Some babies can also go through withdrawal symptoms.

However, it is not only methadone that can cause these symptoms but also the use of cigarettes, drug, nutrition, biological makeup and more many things. If you are on a stable dose then methadone won’t affect the development of your baby. According to research, it is seen that there are very minute chances of mother’s methadone dose and baby’s withdrawal symptoms. It is very important for pregnant women on opiates to find a methadone dose that can help them get rid of their narcotic habits as well as give birth to a normal child.

Community Gardens And Urban Homesteading- A Boon For Making Healthy And Model Society

Today world is suffering from several problems related to health and all the credit goes to the food and the environment in which we live. We are living an unhealthy and disease blessed life and the main reason for this is the society’s false tradeoffs. As of now, the term homesteading applies to any individual who is a piece of the back-to-the-area development and who decides to carry on with a maintainable, independent way of life. While area is no more uninhibitedly accessible in many zones of the world, homesteading stays as a lifestyle. Another development, called "urban homesteading," can be seen as a basic living way of life, consolidating little scale agribusiness, maintainable and perm culture cultivating, home nourishment creation and capacity into rural or city living. There are several benefits of it:

Improving the relations of the community with community Gardens:
Community gardens around the globe have been credited with an exhibit of valuable results for members. These incorporate neighborhood political activism; ecological instruction where members find out about manageable urban horticulture, biodiversity and enhanced waste administration. This process open doors for preparing, occupation and nearby financial improvement as business sectors and food co-operatives.

For some, extraordinary delight was gotten from the cultivating movement itself – the contact with nature, the fulfillment of seeing plants develop, the satisfaction in adapting new aptitudes and basically taking-in the magnificence of their surroundings. Notwithstanding the physical and mental medical advantages illustrated over, the group cultivates in this study were seen by members as a social, mindful spot adding to a more noteworthy feeling of having a place and an impetus for companionship development. These are imperative parts of social capital which are neither all that broadly reported nor perceived in the writing on community gardens. If there is a perfect balance in life, there are no diseases prevailing and everybody is happy, then surely better community relations prevail. Community gardens bind the society into a common thought and make us together.

Sharing the crops and improving community relations:

Community workers, general well-being authorities and urban organizers are progressively worried about declining levels of physical and mental soundness of city residents. The explanations for this disturbing pattern are complex. Community is a complex mixture of needy and satisfied people. But the community gardens, give the humans a chance to level the difference by donating the extra crops to those people who are actually in need of them. 
The personal crops which are shared, not only build the trust factor in two people or communities, but also build better human relationships, to help each other in need. This step is the basis of humanity as we are humans.

Donating extras to the food bank or homeless shelter:

We invest such a great amount of time amid our negligible presence stressing over our picture. A few of us stress over sharing excessively, offering things that are excessively individual, or sharing things that others may not care for. We feel that we have an obligation to ourselves to make and protect a certain picture from which others will see us. By sharing, we empower one another to help improve the world a place that is the reason offering is so vital. Homeless people are several in the society and the community garden can do its part by donating healthy food to the food bank and gather more blessings in its kitty. The crops grown may not be utilized completely and if they are donated they can become the reason of filling a child’s stomach or fulfilling the hunger pangs of old sick women, who is fasting from several days. We do a lot for ourselves, but rarely do we get a chance to do something for others.

Multiple Uses for this land:

Community gardens enclosures can likewise profit the group by changing over ignored spaces into positive spaces for the group. Under-used and vacant spaces are promptly misused by crooks. Community gardens help to wipe out these issues by recovering responsibility for spaces through the steady vicinity of individuals. Natural advantages of group greenhouses incorporate expanding previous surfaces and taking into consideration groundwater energize, enhancing air quality through the expansion of plants to the scene, improving the earth and advancing support-ability. The main benefit of community gardens is that the land gets fertile and gets suitable for any type of cropping. Also the mineral base in the land increases and the land is blessed with healthy crops in long run. The land increases its water level in the ground table and makes the crops fresh, healthy and green. The main use of the land is that it is able to do something needy and build social relationships.
As of late individuals have begun getting to be more stressed over humanity's effect on nature alongside individual survival. It helps to be independent and less dependent on outside assets. Thus,increasing back some control of what they eat and drink. The way to deal with urban homesteading relies on upon what individuals are looking to pick up from it. Urban Homesteaders can now develop a lot of natural vegetables in little zones at one-tenth of the cost. Neighborhood urban families are currently raising lawn chicken hens for natural eggs and meat.

Gardeners are canning for winter nourishment stockpiling. Community gardens' have united groups and have given numerous profits to the people and neighborhoods in their vicinity. Regardless of the accomplishment of a large portion of these group driven ventures, as fast as achievement can come so can crush. Numerous group greenhouses battle with difficulties that could undoubtedly be lightened with extra backing from the area in which they dwell.
Perceiving cultivating as an honest to goodness recreational action and group plants as wellsprings of nourishment security and suppliers of critical ecological profits may be the first begin. From here, the insurance and utilization of green spaces for group greenhouses may bode well. With the solid enthusiasm of subjects in this Region (and somewhere else) in developing their own sustenance, this is another force to give more backings to community gardens.

Community gardens accommodate the needs of all occupants, foster social value, consideration and coordinated effort and empower solid ways of life.

FAA is Undergoing Dilemma Regarding Drone Flying

Drone is not an unfamiliar term, it has deep relation with warfare but today drones are used for commercial reasons and those who are nurturing futuristic ideas about photography and interested in Aerial Photography are bent on using drones in SANTA ROSA other than any other flying machine. Now drones are not casual remote operated toys and there are laws and regulations one has to abide by while operating a drone, you need to know whether it is legal to fly drones anywhere, over your ROHNERT PARK neighbor’s garden, any landscape or above the mall or complex.

Now while living in SONOMA COUNTY, CA you can either explore your options and chances with a lawyer or go on with your venture without giving least attention to anything. But before considering anything, make sure you have collected proper information about what to do with your drone and afterwards gradually procure adequate information about the drone laws, so that you do not have to end in jail while flying your drone in full swing. Better you conduct a survey in MARIN COUNTY, CA; enquire what your county administration has to say about flying a drone, even what your neighbor has to say when they find you flying it over their house. Therefore, you have to know few facts and factors before you actually fly this marvel of science. A drone pilot has to have proficiency in handling these devices, as it calls for rigorous practice, unlike maneuvering a remote control car; it demands patience and perseverance.  So one has to keep in mind while flying in PETALUMA, which being law abiding citizen drones cannot be used openly without observing the laws relevant to it.

To maintain your own safety, you need to keep in mind the authoritative norms which are meant for drone pilots or operators. Now drawing attention straight to drone-ban, today Federal Aviation Administration or FAA is facing difficulty in enforcing direct prevention on drone. Few assume that the agency was not at all prepared to execute their law enforcement regulations and maybe for that reason they are operating their laws often unconstitutionally, as a result non compliance is unchecked and with every passing day its percentage is increasing.  Surprisingly there is no remarkable provision to get caught and no prerequisite for punishment either. Now if someone unfurl the pages of law book will come across cases, where constitutional boundaries regarding drones were overstepped and privacy of citizen was interrupted due to utter frustration that administration underwent due to their own confusion. Now in order to avoid such scenario in NOVATO, one must have adequate knowledge about the regulations and for that training and vigilance is required. So it is the responsibility of the FAA officials to make aviation inspector and drone pilots abundantly informed about the recent Drone Amendments which are effectively alive and should be pursued without any compromise.

FAA is not illegitimately deterring drone flyer, they have set some norms, abiding by which one can profitably use drone for Aerial Videography.  FAA is showing critical behavior in two main aspects one is complying with the requirements of for Visual Line of Sight (VLOS) and other is the ban on night operations. Today drones are undergoing versatile professional application but before moving further, it is better to know the drone law "No person may operate an aircraft in a careless or reckless manner so as to endanger the life or property of another." “There is no federal statute, and no other federal regulation (other than 91.13, that is) that is codified in our bodies of law, that specifically applies to drones and that is currently applicable to the general public”.

Now there are few clear regulations, which The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has laid down, these regulations, are:
“Drones have to be within line of sight at all times
Drones can’t fly over people
They can’t fly faster than 100 mph, or higher than 500 feet—which is still pretty fast and high”

However, there is no hard and fast rule for drone application, so today drone enthusiasts and drone operators are getting extremely frustrated with FAA. The new rules are dealing roughly with the commercial drone operators especially those aerial photographers as commercial operators are now required to obtain license while operating across the area like SAN RAFAEL, MARIN COUNTY, CA. So more than non-commercial operators, commercial drone flyers are feeling deprived a lot, this is because the safety regulations as laid down by FAA has little to do with those drone operators who are flying drones more for fun than commercial end.

For commercial drone operators, they are required to have license but for fun flyers these license is not at all required and FAA has not differentiated anything clearly. However FAA is dwelling in dilemma and has promised to make laws little liberal and they have shown little regret for that as well. Commercial drone flyers however need to possess license but the drones do not require any certificate to fly high in the sky. 

5 Lessons Anyone in the C-Suite can Learn from Roger Sterling

Roger Sterling of Mad Men has 5 lessons to share with C-Suite

C-Suite, a slang which is used to address top ranked corporate executives such as Chief Manager, Chief operating officer, chief supervisor, chief marketing head and chief production manager, is deemed heart of any industry. Therefore, within a company, this C-Suite is one of the most powerful and commanding entity, C-stamped individuals are in charge to make decisions of varying degrees.
Roger Sterling of Mad Men has something for ‘C-Suite’ individuals so that any organization can perform with its utmost effectiveness and generate profit in leaps and bound.

So before starting with these five lessons, let’s have a brief introduction about Roger Sterling. Roger is the central character of an American exciting television series Mad men which was premiered in July 19, 2007 on the cable network AMC. However, the second half of the concluding season is planned to air on May 17, 2015. Roger Sterling is the protagonist of the drama and his life both commercial and personal was shown, along with others, in a most emotionally charged manner. While highlighting the professional life of Roger Sterling, his ability to work as a C-Suite is something like a real life case study for C-Suite of this generation. Roger Sterling was one of the senior partners of Sterling Cooper and Roger’s top five lessons is indisputably qualified to serve as a scripture to commercial industries, existing anywhere in this planet.

1. Give value to what your clients really want:

Apart from decent persona, dressing, correct behavior and gesture, Roger Sterling has perfect understanding of what his clients actually want from him. So before facing any challenge, he used to prepare himself and his team in such manner that meeting seemingly daunting tasks never become taxing neither to him nor his men. So it’s a good lesson for C-Suite, that evaluating clients and their needs can actually simplify the endeavor and develop soothing relationship between these two units. Clients without investing much word or time want to be understood and Roger did that not because he was good at it but because he tried to delve into the minds of his clients and patrons.

2. Think like your client:

That is right; think like your client, give their oddities little perk, and with that it becomes feasible for you to get close to your client. Roger had that rarest capability to make his clients happy and satisfied with him so what, once he had to dress up like Santa for convincing Lucky Strike. Even though it is not possible for all business executives to dress like Santa but at least, knowing the preferences of clients and complying the same with it can be tried out, it not only develops personal relationship but also generates profitable profession term. The more you get close to your client, the more you get close to success, dabbing off the limitation between good to great.

3. Think about the future:

An ordinary agency becomes great when it turns out successful in visualizing the future, reckon ideas with that respect. What is about to come, what is about to be popular and what is about to grab attention should be crawling in the head of C-Suite. Roger has that perception, he was literally resolved to know what was in store for him and his agency, and so Roger Sterling from his L.A office to Marketing division was like applying ideas which were having great prospect in near future. Now that’s what C-Suite needs to cultivate, devising ideas which are having great future significance and implication. It is not easy whatsoever, but repeated attempts can transmute impossible things into possible. Roger has shown that in the drama, as how he tried hard to keep Lucky Strike account but when he was given the charge to handles multiple accounts, he landed with establishing a big one with Chevrolet Motor Company.

4. Think out of box

Applying same idea everywhere is little bit risky and fatiguing as an innovative idea do not remain innovative all through. So devising original ideas can determine success and keep the employees involved and engaged. It is more like challenging one’s own ability to bring out something creative and off beam, as Roger did that, where he motivated his team to do something out of box every time, to step outside their comfort zone and shake up under bright sun. Don Draper in Mad Men broadly displayed how different ideas can bring about great success. So it is a great lesson for C-suite that employing typecast rules everywhere actually minimize chances of making gigantic progress and soon rivals get chance to overpower with their strong points. So up to some extent it is mandatory to think something different, something unusual and with right cultivation, great ideas are sure to born.

5. Finally it is the return that matters

Depending upon Don’s creativity Sterling shaped his steps in motivating his employees, so that they can make “every client pitch” and design presentation as commanding as possible. Clients look for new ideas, securities and creative flair to realize their dreams and expectations and in Mad Men Roger Sterling amply illustrated how the actual merit of his team can be utilized to tempt client to establish terms with their agency. So behind every idea, Roger tried to find what return it may bring, when his futuristic vision failed to see anything worth appreciation he rejected the idea without delay. Now every organization should learn to see through ideas, of course transparency should be there, if the idea, turns out to be seemingly impossible depending upon the present situation, one should not turn it down immediately. If the idea is having prospects to outshine other contemporary business units while augmenting success, it is better to stick to it.

So, today any agency can learn great facts from this fictional character Roger Sterling, as the great looking business persona with grey hair and stern face has a lot to dole out.  With all these ideas at disposal, if a corporate body starts conducting its business not only the clients will be happy with them but their employees will also have spur to remain positive all the while, giving little thought to change their vocation or show any sign of slackness or negligence.   

Jam - King of Taste

While the commercial jams are too sickly sweet and an overdose of sugar, homemade jams can actually be blissfully delectable. Jam making did not start in food factories but is a century old method invented in homes. You can rediscover the old magic of fresher and tastier fruits with the process of jamming. It’s a process for enjoying fruits far longer than their normal shelf life. It’s especially functional for fruits that are either seasonal or costly in the market. You need not be a culinary proficient to prepare jams and jellies. It’s a very basic method with some skill that lets you enjoy the citrus magic of any fruit at any time of the year. The right blend of sugar, pectin and acid gives you the perfect jam. While some call it an art, it’s a little science too. The crucial ingredient in any jam is the pectin. They are large molecules that connect together to make gel. Apples and berries have plenty of pectin but other fruits that are low on pectin need artificial pectin for jamming. Acid further adds to the gelling capacity of the fruit. You need to add lemon juice in order to provide high acidity environment for the pectin to perform well.

How to make jam
Cardinally jam requires equal weight of sugar and fruit. Too much fruit might hamper the preserving effect while excess sugar crystallizes or even make it overly sweet. Select either just ripe or unripe fruit for jamming. Remove the seeds or stones from the fruit and puree it. Slowly heat and let it come to a boiling temperature. Fruits with high pectin or high acidity do not require any lemon or pectin. For medium acidic or low acidic fruits, there is a need to add lemon juice and pectin. Pectin is readily available in the market with clear instructions on quantity to be used. Now you may slowly add sugar and but do not stir. It will gradually come to a boil and you can feel the sweet aroma filling the kitchen. This is when you know your jam is nearly done. Let it cool and crystallize before you start filling in jars. Cover it properly and your jam is all ready to be savored.

How to make preserves
Fruits are acidic by nature making them compliant to preservation. Technically speaking, the acidity retards microbial growth and activate pectin set which further reduces bacterial activity.
Dehydration remains the most common method of preserving. Once moisture is driven off, the microorganisms cannot flourish. Basic methods of dehydration are sun-drying, freeze-drying and hot-air drying. Dehydration has edge over other methods as it is uncompromising on the nutritive value of the fruits and vegetables. It enhances the shelf life and makes storage handy. Additionally, one needs chemical process to deactivate the enzymes and prevent browning.

Thermal process in which heat is used to destroy the enzymes is also commonly used in canning. Another alternative could be chemical preservation wherein artificial substance is added to delay the maturing of food items. However, the nourishment and vitality of the food item is altered under each of these methods.

Corn Cob Jelly
If you think jelly is all about fruits and berries, it’s time to relook into your culinary knowledge. While you are already freezing so much corn every year, how about making a jelly out of it.
Ingredients that you need
-                            -  1 box pectin
-                            -  12 corn on the cobs
-                            -  1 tsp lemon juice
-                            -   3.5 cups sugar

Start by cooking the corns for about 5 minutes. Once the kernels are soft, you can easily cut them off the cob.

Place the cobs in a pot with water. Ensure the water covers the cobs and let it boil for an hour. After boiling the liquid should reduce. You need to have 3.5 cups of water for each batch.

Add the flavoring of your choice now and let it heat a little more. Now add 3.5 cups of sugar and let it boil. Add pectin now and let it boil a little more.

Just pour them into the canning jars leaving about .5 inch space on top. Put the seal and lid after 
cleaning the jar’s rim. Add to the water bath canner and you need to process it for 10 min.

Let it cool and your flavored corn cob jelly is ready to use. 

Developing Affinity with Herbalism

Brief introduction to Herbalism
Utilization of plants as medicine is not a new concept rather it has its root in ancient past when people have been depending upon it largely. Herbs are natural means to treat health conditions and nearly the entire living being is depending upon herbs and herbal remedies for treating ailment and may be for that reason carnivorous animal also consumes plants when they feel some kind of sickness.
So here comes the vital role of Herbalism and the wide utilization of botanical extracts to stimulate and restore, body’s natural healing capacity is not a new custom. Herbalism is addressed with varying names like Phytotherapy, Herbology Medicine and Botanical Medicine. However, applying trial and error method, it has been found out that not all plants are beneficial for health. Although, few are known for generating remarkable results but few are out and toxic. Some cause changes in internal system, which results in increased perspiration, frequent urination, and hallucination and varying other side effects.

Herbalism as an alternative medicine
Now herbs help in primarily three areas: stimulating sleep, perking up digestion and elimination. Herbalism today is providing solutions as an alternative medicine to prevent illness and varying health conditions. For centuries around, herbs is known for having magical power to source alternative health solutions and curative medication. Even today, our present decade is also witnessing varying health benefits that plants are known for providing. World Health Organization, in its report exposed that even today, nearly 85% of total population is depending upon herbal solutions to treat their ailment. Herbology medicines are consumed all across the world at half of the price of contemporary pharmaceuticals.  Herbal remedies are not unfamiliar and even today, in developed countries like Europe; they are sold next to prescription medicines. 

The fact is not unknown that conventional Chinese medicine was widely depednet upon utilizing herbology and today the World Health Organization for universal use and to meet health care needs of the 21st century, promulgates the utilization of herbal medicine, quite largely.

Herbs that are commonly used as medicine

  1. Aloe vera: Aloe vera is used in gel formation and is good for treating sunburns, moisturizing, psoriasis and minor cuts and burns. Massaging an area with this gel are beneficial as it reinforces blood circulation and its emollient properties are known to keep the skin hydrated all through. The gel is effective in cleaning the dead skin cells and also good for all year round.
  1. Peppermint: this herb is used for treating liver problems like acidity, gas and other indigestion symptoms. Additional to this, it is also used for treating mucus and congestion and its menthol alleviates pain with its antispasmodic effect. Peppermint is known for enhancing bile flow but they are not good for toddlers or babies.
  2. Ginseng: this is one all-inclusive, cure all solution which has been used for ages and this herbal solution is basically used to treat fatigue and exhaustion. Applied as aphrodisiac, this beneficial herbal solution is known to enhance the tenacity of muscle also transforming fatty acid into energy however overdose of this substance can cause kidney failure. 
  3. Licorice: this herbal solution is known for curing canker sores, heat burn, fever, cough, cold and blisters, ulcers and cold congestions. Today this herbal substance is consumed for its steroid like effect; however, taking high dose may heighten blood pressure and during pregnancy if consumed, may cause fetus miscarriage.
  4. Chamomile: basically a flowering plant is known to be consumed as tea and known to have the effect of gentle sedatives and relaxant. The botanical properties available in this plant help in curing indigestion and fever and its anti-inflammatory component offers powerful solution to treat allergic reactions.

Like many other therapeutic solutions herbalism is not without disadvantage and while enumerating some of them, few point come to surface. There are few botanical solutions, which are known to render detrimental effects upon consumption such as nightshade or hemlock, so one must know the advantage and disadvantages of using such herbal measures. Herbalism does not provide immediate relief so if one thinks that consuming in overdose will heal the problem from the root and that is too at immediate effect; definitely it will be a serious mistake to be made. All herbal solutions come with possible risks and dangers and before consumption, all its aspects should be clarified properly. Lastly, consumers sometimes run the risk of taking inferior quality herbs, which play detrimental upon health so it’s better to be alert while procuring the drug.